New generation of chemical fib


         York has focused on the development of liquid colour for more than a decade, products are widely used in food and beverage packaging, drug packaging, cosmetics packaging and other fields.

At present, relying on the company's experience and technology, a new generation of chemical fiber liquid colour has been developed, which is used for pre-spinning coloring of polyester, polypropylene and other fibers to achieve anhydrous dyeing of fibers. It has the characteristics of bright color, easy addition, low carbon and environmental protection.

Advantages of chemical fiber l

  • Superiority
  • Environmental protection economypigment or dye utilization rate can reach more than 95%

    Easy to use: the product does not need to dry, colour change is easy to operate

    Intelligent and accurate: supporting online continuous adding equipment, the measurement accuracy can reach 1g / min

    Flexible matchingIt can produce 5-50kg of customized products for customers once