• What is liquid colour
  • Liquid masterbatch addition ratio
  • field of liquid colour application
  • Advantage of York liquid colour
  • Functional liquid colour

  • The liquid colour is composed of the pigment and the flow-dynamic polymer, which is perfectly compatible with the plastic substrate, and ensures the uniform dispersion of the pigment through a multi-stage process.

    York specializes in the production of high concentration of liquid colour , pigment particles are gradually refined after multiple processes of grinding and high strength shear ,  large particles be crushed to ensure the dispersion of the pigment particles, which improve the covering force and dyeing force of the pigment. High concentration of liquid colour reduces liquid colour consumption.

    Light colour/ transparent product  0.03%-0.20%

    Deep colour/opaque  product   0.5%-1.50%

    Food and beverage packaging, cosmetics packaging, baby supplies, daily necessities, electrical appliances and other plastic products

    Liquid colour is added automatically without manual mixing

    Good stability, without  chromatic aberration; good dispersion, without colour point

    high active ingredient content , low addition ratio

    High concentration   , inexpensive but useful goods

    Changing colour is easy, save the cost of colour change

    No subscription limit, to avoid inventory

    Manufacturing process has no heating process, to avoid substrate degradation than affecting material properties

    On-site colour mixing and production of liquid colour, to meet the needs of customers at high speed

    Functional additives are widely used in injection molding to improve the physical and chemical properties of plastic products and give products a better user experience. Usually, functional additives exist in powder state, and there are problems of measurement, poor dispersion and dust pollution etc. York makes liquid additives by mixing functional additives with a liquid carrier. While retaining the function of the additives, the additives can be accurately added automatically through the automatic liquid colour machine provided by York. The actual addition amount is displayed in real time, which ensures the high dispersion and ensures the accuracy of the addition.

    ·Dust-free automatic addition of liquid additives
    ·York professional experience in using functional additives
    ·Modern laboratory plastic molding and chemical materials support

    • Slip agent

      Reduce the friction coefficient of plastic parts and facilitate assembly

    • Enhancer

      Improve the transparency and dimensional stability of plastic products

    • Anti-ultraviolet agent

      Blocks UV rays and protects pigments and nutrients in the bottle

    • foaming agent

      Ultrafine foaming agent gives products a lighter and more delicate surface

    Comparison of coloring techniq

      Granulating material toner
    Color masterbatch
    Liquid masterbatch


    Very Good

    Colour spots


    Very Good

    Colour stability

    Very Good

    unstable color

    Sometimes layered

    Very Good



    Not feasible



    Colour change


    Difficult (polluted)







    less expensive

    Liquid masterbatch

  • Volumetric liquid colour machine
  • Weighing liquid colour machine

  • Quantitative addition of liquid colour was performed by compression and expansion of the metering pump cavity

    CTS5000-YKPP  Suitable for frequent colour changing

    CTS5000-GB  Suitable for long-term single colour additions

      CTS5000-YKPP CTS5000-GB

    Metering pump

    plastic pump

    steel pump


    300 400

    power supply(V)

    220 220

    outline dimension(mm)

    600*400*1150 600*400*1150


    30 33

    Bring an electronic weighing sensor, automatically correct the add amount

    Real-time online tracking, active correction, and precise addition

    Multi-function alarm

    Production statistical function

      CTS6000-TS CTS6000-LD

    usage scenario

    Desktop equipment

    Ground-floor equipment

    metre fullscale

    40 40


    300 300

    power supply(V)

    220 220

    outline dimension

    380*320*250 500*600*700

    Weight  (KG)

    30 50

    Add equipment

  • metering valve
  • premixer
  • The metering valve is placed between the hopper and the pre-mixer to measure the amount of plastic added, and each time the plastic in the glass container is quantitatively added to the pre-mixerAvoid the impact on colour stability due to material recycling or discharge. Product size 230 * 550 * 190mm, air pressure 3-4 kg.

    The pre-mixer is placed between the hopper and the inlet. After high-speed stirring, the liquid masterbatch will be mixed with the plastic very evenly, which lays a good pre-treatment effect for the  plastic particles before entering the plastic processing machine. Compared with traditional masterbatch, the dispersion is more uniform, and the colorant and plastic particles will not be delaminated due to vibration, which ensures the stability of the colour.

      PM-1 PM-2 PM-5 PM-10

    Carrying capacity for PP/kg

    1.0 1.3 2.8 5.3


    250 250 750 750

    Power supply(V)

    220 220 380 380

    outline dimension (mm)

    380*320*230 360*360*270 500*480*270 500*500*320

    Weight  (KG)

    24 41 41 34